IR1 spouse of US citizen administrative processing

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Visa was denied asking for joint sponsor. Submitted joint sponsor documents with proof of relationship but was asked how the sponsor will support you since he is in different state? Joint sponsor was from MD, and petitioner is from OK. Gave all the reasons how but embassy replied that CO is not satisfied. Again, they asked to submit another joint sponsor. But all i have was one friend who wished to become joint sponsor.

therefore, waited till the end of year and filed tax return of amount more than it is required to sponsor one person. After submitting documents they kept it in administrative processing and no reply yet since 2 months. What to do now? Deadline for this case is ending in June 1.

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If the reason given is accurate, there seems to be an incorrect understanding of the law by the consular officer. You should have contacted an immigration attorney to sort this out. As you are aware, with the lockdown, the consular services are at a standstill except for emergency services. So, it is best to wait till the services resume and follow up. 

If professional help is needed, please feel free to reach one of our attorneys by emailing 

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