H4 wife threatning with false domestic abuse claim

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Hi all,

I am on h1B visa working in CA my wife was in H4. she got job under h4ead and she moved to FL on nov 2018. we used to meet once/twice in a month.  

I caught her cheating( or she was about to cheat) with solid evidences. so last time when we went to India I didn't process her visa and I came back alone. She cried and begged and my and her families talked  and settled the things with condition that she should resign the job and move to CA with me.

Every one told me to not bring her back. But I trusted her, I sent the docs for h4 stamping. Her visa stamped she came back.

She didn't resign her job, she went to FL. she didn't even inform me when she came to US. So I told her if you are not planning to move give me mutual divorce. 

she not agreeing that either. Now she threatening me that she will file a criminal case  against me that I beat  her and abused her mentally, sexually and physically three years back when we were together. From my friend I got to know that she had a picture of her cheek with fingermark claiming I beat her on cheek. I never ever beat her. I don't know from where she came up with a picture now. 

She won't agree for mutual divorce as she will be out of status and  needs to go back. So she is creating a fake story and seeking asylum/greencard.

What should I do now?. what are my options. Will court consider her story which happened three years before? , Will they deport me?

Please help me



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From the looks of it there's not much she can do. Not sure what the statute of limitations is for that in her state but she's probably gonna have a hard time making the case. Make sure you stay at safe distance from her and, for the love of god, don't repeat the same mistake with H4 again.

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