Urgent Help : OPT Approved but Fail to Graduate

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In a bit tricky situation and not sure what to do here. Urgent help required.


I am F1 Student and Got my OPT approved (about to Graduate in April 2020). Currently I am Working on CPT (1st master in the USA, valid till 17th April 2020, completed 350 days). The OPT start date is 18th April 2020. I got my EAD card but the professor did not approve Project work. I am still trying to convince my professor and other people to get the approval but it seems difficult to get it approve. If I will not graduate in that case, 
CPT Days - 350, end date 17th April 2020
OPT Start Date - 18th April 2020

1) Can you still continue to work on approved EAD, starting on 18th  April?  
- If Yes then Can I work 40 hrs/ week, and continue with course work?
- If no then what are my options?
    - OPT is already approved, do I have to cancel the EAD? 
    - As CPT is completed, already used 350 days. 

Please let me know as soon as possible, what are my option and how should I approach.

I would really appropriate any help and support on this.


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