B2 visa expiration date differs from I-94 date

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Currently my parents are in USA on Visitor's Visa (B2), they arrived on the first week of Feb-2020. Their B2 visa is valid until May 31 2020. However, they were given I-94 until Aug 1st week of 2020 by the CBP officer at port-of-entry

Q1: When should they leave USA, by May 31st (B2 visa expiry date) or Aug 1st week (I-94 date)?

Q2: Do I need to do any paper work If I want them to leave after May 31st? I may want them to leave USA after current Pandemic situation gets better in India

Please advice, thank you for your reply




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Hello everyone,

Parent's B2 visa expired on May31st, and as suggested they are continuing to stay in USA until 1st week of Aug.

If I apply for extension of the stay, and once approved, will it grant them another 10 years of B2 visa with a renewed I-94 OR only renewed I94 will be given?

Please advise

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