221g asking for interview after Dropbox for my parents renewal of b1/b2 visa


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Dear members


my parents visitor visa was expiring and they submitted Dropbox docs. My mother’s visa for approved and stamped while for my dad , a 221g was issued asking to come in for an interview?


1) how soon should one go in for the interview ?

2) any idea on success rate and questions asked during the interview ?


this is at Mumbai consulate.




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In general, an applicant may attend the visa interview at the consular post within one-year from the date of issuance of INA 221(g), requesting personal appearance. Given the shut-down of consular posts in India due to global COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend you monitor www.ustraveldocs.com/in  and advise your father to appear in-person soon after the consular posts resume operations. You may consult with an experienced U.S. immigration attorney to understand the potential reasons for advising your father to appear in-person for an interview and improve chances of a successful visa interview.

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@Rajbla- I am facing the same issue. My father has been asked to come for interview while my mother's visa is approved. Could you please let me know how did it go for your father? What all questions were asked from him and did he get his visa approved?

This is at Delhi Consulate

All help from any member here is highly appreciable.

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