221g via email after successful visa interview


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i attended H1B stamping interview on Sep 9, 2011 @ Delhi..the VO informed me that my visa is approved and i shall get it in 3-4 days. she did retain my passport and i797 original...

after few days i received an email saying further action on my case is suspended under 221(g) and they needed some documents to process..

any idea how long it will take to get my passport with visa after submission of documents and anyone had been thru similar story


anant kt

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Originally posted by INDNewYork:

LOL! Even if you get your passport back with H1 stamping, You may be asked to tear that page off and provide paystubs and other stuff for review and!!! God bless h1Bs...

No need to be sarcastic. Who created all these visa problems in first place ?. Mostly Desi consulting companies and people who work for them (of late, some `students' who enroll in fake universities also have joined to abuse the immigration system). The more fraudsters are in play, the more authorities tend to be vigilant and that causes problems to genuine applicants too.

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I went for VI on the same day and have a similar case..could you give tell me details..

What kind of 221g you were given, the color?

Were you asked for some additional docs ?

Is this your first H1B or renewal ?

Are you direct employee or thru contractor ?

What is your field ?

I was given 221g, pink color after my interview from another window and asked for additonal docs which I sent the same day...

Knowing each others status would help on time lines..

Let's share info via this forum..

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