Studying full time on pending I-485 EB-1

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Sub: Pursuing full-time education on a pending I-485 application; Can't get student visa

I am seeking some legal advice on my ongoing Green Card application (EB1C PD 22FEB2018 INDIA) which is currently pending final review.

My AOS interview happened on 2 Oct 2019 and the case is currently under review (Status on USCIS website reads- "Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed").

Now I have an offer for admission for a full-time MBA starting fall of 2020. Since I have applied for a GC and shown immigrant intent my understanding is that I may not get approved for a student visa. Also although my interview is completed and technically the process is concluded-as per my employer sponsored immigration counsel- I understand that I'll not receive a green card in the near future due to huge backlog in the category and until my priority date becomes current.

Can I pursue full time education in Fall 2020 on my current 'AOS Pending' status or are there any ways by which I can pursue full time education in the US without having to give up my GC application?

I also have an approved H1B, which is valid till May 2021. Currently I am on an L1A visa.

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