Is LCA amendment needed for work location as Home office and moved to new address with in same MSA?


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My LCA (H1-B petition, i797, i140 - everything) was certified and approved for my home office address (working from home). 

Now I have moved to a different home within the same MSA (5 miles away).


1. Do I need to amend LCA to show a new address?     Or do I need to post old LCA at the new address for some time? How much time?

2. Do I need to amend my i797 or H-1b petition too to reflect new working location address?

3. Do I need to update my approved perm and i140 too?


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On 2/13/2020 at 2:13 PM, gopalakrishnach said:

Better LCA and amendment. No need of I140.

Yes, I am also at least preferring to go with LCA posting, but my company's HR team is saying that it's not needed as I moved within the same MSA.


Byt my worries is if an audit happens, it would happen on my old address which is mentioned on both LCA and my H-1B petition. In that case, how DHS folks would come to know that I actually moved to a new address.


Though I have already filled AR-11 (address change) form for me and my dependents, but that information is only shared with USCIS, not flows to DHS. 

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