I94 Issued for 2 months

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My in-laws arrived yesterday (Feb 8th) and their return ticket is on May17th.  They were here last year and returned to India in the month of November.  Immigration officer asked why they came back so soon and my in-laws presented the copy of our house contract that was signed in December and mentioned to the officer that they are here for house warming ceremony.  The immigration office mentioned that since they came back within 5 months she will issue I-94 for 2 months only and stamped admitted until April 7th.  Issue is that our house closing date is April 15th and now we need to explore options to extend their stay until the original return date of May 17th.  Any information regarding options to extend is highly appreciated. I have an email proof from the builder that the closing date is April 15th.  

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Ofcourse they got only 2 months for coming within 6 months. You should thank the officer that they did not send them back. Going to home country and coming back doesn't mean you will get 6 months of stay on B2 every time. Don't abuse it.

You have only 1 option, file for an extension of stay and hope it gets approved. 

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19 hours ago, Noah Lott said:

a B2 visa is a privilege, not a right and that the privilege can be taken away....if the closing date of the house was known, why did they show up so early? (babysitting comes to mind) surely they could have delayed their arrival for this 'house warming' ceremony until such time as the closing date was closer....USCIS won't care about some closing date....if your parents keep this trend up, their visa may be revoked

You just don't know the whole story and just stop being judgemental. People are just asking for solutions if any and not your opinion on things happen in their lives.  Looks like you don't have anything better to do and you just get kick out of just passing your lame judgements on people.

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On 2/12/2020 at 5:00 AM, Noah Lott said:

lame? how about 24 years of consular experience? It is you who are lame with the silly excuses about why they are back so soon, why they could not delay their arrival closer to the alleged closing date of the house, etc...you do not control my input on this site - the mods do...if they judge my comments inappropriate, they can excise it or not post it....I encountered thousands of cases like this one....and at the end of the day, there were other reasons for extended visits and extensions that had little to do with whatever feeble excuse was given...

the solution is simple: do not treat a B2 visa as a portable green card and H1b....providing child care while in B2 status is not allowed, no matter what you might believe...and people who can 'vacation' for 11 months out of a year are not tourists...rather than whine about how CBP was so unfair...they see this nonsense everyday....your in-laws were lucky to have been admitted at all...try an extension request...and watch their visas vanish the next time they show up for a 'house warming' or new car purchase 'celebration' or a diaper changing party or whatever after having been home for 15 minutes...

and when you have interviewed 200,000+ applicants, then perhaps you will have gained enough experience to make really lame judgments...

There you go again with your ugly comments on why things happen the way it happens, what should have really happened etc.  People are here to get suggestions on how to move forward and not to be critiqued on what has happened already.  If people's posts asking for help really ruins your mood just move on and why do you even bother responding ? Do something useful with your time !

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