Layout of Consulate Officers in Chennai vs Delhi

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Hi, I wanted to share generic things that I noticed in the consulate offices in India. 

US embassy in India is more complex and very difficult to go about due to higher volume and obvious nervousness!! eee

Chennai Layout : current improved layout :

1. First step, when you see the embassy entrance under the overhead bridge. There is a platform with fence (neat), where people start to wait. There is a security officer aligning the queue. There is a queue with about 20-30 members that forms whether or not you come at 12:15 time slot. They are sent in quickly though, despite the queue formation. No ear phones etc., the usual. There is a fat guy who looks like a thief who hounds you for items that he can store for you in his locker. He accepts valuables, cell phones, ear phones, other metal stuff and charges Rs 600 and above. Time : 10 mins

2. There is a security check that has the large door thingy, you pass through that, while all you stuff goes through X-Ray on the left side. Women are taken into a second scan on the right in a closed screen tent like place. They just run metal thingy around you and swipe you up to double check. Men, on left in open space for swipe check. Time 3-5 mins

3. There is a room with chairs on the left side, cameras all over. One officer like receptionist and another one to escort the batch  inside. Time 10 mins

4. Then there is a narrow corridor like place that you will pass through, riddled with various security groups and scanners, pass through that and an open space facing the sky and this is when you enter the actual interview location - US embassy in Chennai

5. There are a few staircases and then on the left there is a door, when the 20 of us go in through that glass and metal combined door that also resembles hospital doors, there is a very quite place with just one A/C running, heavy duty. There are 5 security members in the room couping us and lining us up and telling us where to go and which counter to go to.

There are total of 10+ counters now - 5 of the counters are facing you and 5 counters are in 90 degrees and you have to take a turn to go to them. The Right most officer is kind, very well read, polished man, tall so on. In the middle towards the left, there are visa deniers. Women 20-35 age group, no visa approvals seen so far with women.

The 5 counters on the 90 degree angle, couldn't see them as I was front facing. From the look in their faces, am thinking nothing good.

Question : I am nervous and I have following questions

1. If I faint after giving my passport to the officer, what happens, do I get the passport back right away for another interview?

2. If am too nervous, can I just tell them nope-nope, its too hot in here and run outside? (I would not have given anything to them to start with)

3. What is the layout in Delhi, can someone please tell me so I can mentally picture it... please.....


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