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h1b SSN to b1 status limitations

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I worked on H1b for 8 years until 2018 and moved permanently back to India and started my own firm (non-IT related) 10 months ago. Recently I applied for B1 visa and got approved for 10 years. But, I do have some questions regarding SSN and previous bank accounts /business setup. 

Here is where I couldn't find definitive answers for:

1. Can I continue using my SSN for business related work like opening a current account etc..?

2. Most sources say "on B1 visa you can conduct your business but cannot sign a contract". does it mean I can market research and bring in my orders but can't sign agreements or cannot do monetary transactions like run my current account? Its very vague statement in my opinion. 

3. Can i open a LLC on my B1 using my SSN from previous visa? I know any overseas business can start a company is USA without coming to USA but in my case, I have the option to so..? 

4. Can I run it like eg: proprietorship and manage salaries and bank transactions etc etc or no?

Lastly, would appreciate if anyone can share a link to read B1 visa limitations and approvals on doing business. Most sites including USCIS has only brief summaries describing them. 

Thanks & much appreciated for your response,


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