H1B violation(s) - Liability for back wages?


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My H1B was valid till November 2019. In February 2019 I verbally was told by the coordinator (not by my boss) that I am laid off effective immediately. I never received an official termination letter or email. My employer did not withdraw my LCA with USCIS, neither did they inform USCIS. I was told that I am eligible to apply for jobs in other departments (rehire). But after getting a verbal job offer from other departments (subject to HR approval) they made it technically impossible for me to get these jobs.

The employer did not offer to pay for a return ticket on or after my last day of employment. Even though, as I noticed several months later, it is written in my petition letter “Should temporary employment be involuntary terminated, we guarantee the cost of return airfare to my home country.”

 1) Is my employer liable for back wages?
2) Would back wages bring me back in-status till November? 

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