H1B Cancelled without Prudence and Re-stamping


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I am a Canadian resident and I recently went for B1/B2 interview in Ottawa. My B1/B2 was granted but my existing H1B ( valid one) was stamped - Cancelled without Prejudice ( I was not expecting this ) . I wanted to go back to States to do some renovation on my home and I honestly told that to the officer. 

Fortunately/Unfortunately I got my new H1B approved day after I went for interview. I went for B1/B2 since both of my H1 extensions in the past went for RFE and I wanted a way to go to states in case it happens this time. 

Given I am going for H1B interview in less than a month - will this cause any problems? I have not travelled to US after getting my visa and not planning to do that either. Any suggestions or issues anyone can think of ?


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On 2/3/2020 at 3:35 AM, fatelist said:

- will this cause any problems? I have not travelle

@JoeF @gopalakrishnach Thanks for the reply.

Few Questions:

1. Does this apply if you go for an L1 visa interview and your H1-B gets cancelled (which is eligible for cap-exempt)?

Can cap-exempt petition be filed later on this cancelled H1-B?

2. If a person has valid B1/B2 visa and later gets his H1-B (cap-exempt) approved, does his valid B1/B2 gets cancelled?

3. Are only invalid/expired visas cancelled or are valid visas also cancelled ?

Is there any condition that permits only 1 visa should be valid at any time?

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