H1b Transfer (Consulate Notification) Approved with Backdated Start Validity Date

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Hi, My H1b Transfer Petition (Consular Process), was filed on Jan 9th 2020 and now approved with Start Validate Date as Jan 03rd 2019 (That's right 2019 Jan) and End Validate Date as Dec 2020. Can the Start Validity Date be BACKDATED? Will this Backdated Start Validity date has any impact  when I go to Consulate for Visa Interview In 2 to 3 weeks? 

My Previous I94 expired on Feb 25th 2019 with Current Employer who had filed extension on Feb 5th 2019 which is still in processing with RFE. They will eventually withdraw this application once I travel to exit USA on in few days. 

Appreciate you Response.

Many Thanks

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