Questions for H-1B and L-1A?


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Here is some background,

I have both L-1A and H-1B approved petitions. Initially arrived US on L-1A in 2015, which was extended last year up to May 2021, that was second extension on L-1A.

Last year company filed H-1B that got approved in Jan 2020 valid until Sept 2020

I am aware that latest approved H-1B overrules L-1A. Technically I am on H-1B

Questions I have -

1. Can PERM and Prevailing Wage be applied simultaneously, at the same time?

2. How long does PERM and Prevailing Wage take to approve if applied simultaneously, at the same time?

3. What would be recommended - stay on L-1A or H-1B?

4. With current situations and state any possibilities of getting PERM and Prevailing Wage approved before Sept 2020?

5. As on date while I am on H-1B and filing PERM and Prevailing Wage; can company also apply I-140 on L-1A in parallel?

6. Can we withdraw H-1B and continue L-1A, or vice versa?

7. If I-140 approved on H-1B be applicable and continued on L-1A if applied later after a year?

8. I-140 is visa specific, I mean if I-140 approved on H-1B and if you switch to L-1A you have to apply new I-140?


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