221G EVC-Chennai-Expedited Appointment


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Need help in getting clarification for interview ...working in EVC 

I did change from client c1 (SC)  to c2 (FL).

All the  c2 client (FL) project work is done from cogniz's office located in (NC).

So my LCA is from NC

1. During the interview if they ask me about "End-client" should i say cogniz(NC) or end client(FL) ?

  • Option A --  Is it ideal to say Vendor (Congzi) is my end client [Sounds so fishy] ?
  • Option B --- If i say End-Client is in (FL) then my LCA will not match ?
  • Option C -- Give a long explanation to 1 wrd que [Suicide]. My end-client is FL "BUT" i work from cogniz office in NC

Needs answers ..urgent ..going to Chennai loc for emergency in India Expedited Appointment(48hr)

I know if i screw up will get 221g for no reason 

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