Green Card processing using consular processing and cross charge-ability option

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Dear Experts 

My story is like below 

I did my masters from US in 2008, and after that worked for a company on H1B status with approved i797 FY2009.

I left US in 2010, since then ?I didn't enter US and I don't have any visa.

Now I want to look for options to go back and settle in US.

I am married and my wife is a Saudi born, which will help me in getting current dates if in-case I have approved 140.(using cross charge-ability) .

My questions are as below :

If I have an employer who is interested for filing 140 for me starting with PERM, How long do I have to wait to get Consular processing date? 

Once I receive 140 approval, is their any time limit for me to apply for consular processing, can I buy some time here? may be at least 1 year before I apply for CP after 140 approval? (as per my situation)

Will any new rules on cross charge-ability will have any impact on me filing for CP after approved 140, or I will be immune to new rules since my i-140 is already approved?

Do you see any critical points that I should be aware off?

Kindly suggest if you have any better option based on above info.

Thanks always.








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