Join semester in H4 and switch to F1 midway


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My H4 is valid until March 2020 (turning 21 yrs) and I had attended 2 earlier semesters on H4. My current enrolled semester starts on 27th Jan 2020. I have been issued I20 for F1 as well. I'm getting consular stamping date in India in second week of Feb 2020 (which is after my school start date). So my queries are:

a) Can I attend the start of the semester on 27th Jan in US as I have valid H4 until mid March and later go to India in Feb for my F1 stamping using the I20 issued? 

b) Would there be any issues in getting F1 visa at US India consulate with I20 which has start date of 27th Jan 2020? I was earlier planning to go to Mexico for my F1 stamping but apparently that's not an option if the Visa category is different from the current Visa (H4 to F1)

c) I do not want to do COS H4 to F1 as the processing times are huge and I cannot attend classes while it is pending approval (per attorney...its grey area)


Any guidance on the best approach for my situation.

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a. I think it will be fine as you are legally allowed to study while on H4.

b. Mexico doesn't do status change for TCN's, but Canada does.

Will there be any issues with visa interviews? No one will ever know till its done.

c. Also I think you will have to maintain H4 till F1 gets approved which could take 18 months. But going for stamping is a good decision rather than waiting on COS. 


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