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Am in H4 Visa. Our H1 & H4 visas expires on mar 3,2012. Next week we are applying for both the extensions in Premium. Hopefully, we get the approval by oct end.

In between, Can i go for a trip to india ?

or after getting approval, can i make a 2 months trip for nov/jan? Can I TRAVEL ?

Though, i couldnt go for stamping before march, After i return from india, DO I NEED TO REAPPLY FOR H4 EXTENSION AGAIN (since i go alone to india)?

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Thanks for your reply pontevecchio.

If i want to get stamping in india, how early can i go for visa interview, before the expiration date?

My visa expires on MARCH 3,2012.

If i plan 1 month trip to india during november, CAN I GO for visa stamping during NOVEMBER,2011 itself?

Is it too early or is there any time limit before expiration, to attend the visa interview?

Please advise me. Thanks.

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