H4 VISA Interview Yellow slip given, and asked re appear for Interview.

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H4 Interview date: 31st Dec 2019

Consulate: Delhi

Outcome: VO questioned about all the photos and rituals completed, and given yellow slip to re appear interview with photos after finish all the marriage rituals.

They thought marriage was incomplete as I brought only few (10 pics) marriage ceremony pics to the interview, and we got married in a Temple with limited guests (both parents and close relatives about 10 people).

I have few questions, could someone please help with these.

VO asked me to provide photos and complete any pending marriage rituals and attend reinterview.

1. So, Do I need to pay visa fee again and schedule the appointment like first time?

2. Should I attend the reinterview along with my husband ?

3. Should I come to the same consulate (Delhi) or I can go to Hyderabad consulate also?

4. And finally, is there any time period for reinterview or I can appear any day along with the requested photos?


Appreciate your help.


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Hi ,

My wife also went for H4 Interview to Delhi Consulate and she has been asked to re-appear in the interview again as we also got married in a Temple and officer asked for more than 10 Pics with proper marriage rituals.

Did you get answer of all the questions which you have posted in your thread ? By any chance have you reappeared for the interview again .

Could you please help if you have any information regarding the same.

Thanks in Advance.



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