EAD AP Combo Card Not Delivered & Service Request pending for 2 months


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Based on the I765/I131 extension request submitted on 03/20/2019, USCIS has approved both I765/I131 on 10/29/2019. USCIS has mailed my I765/I131 Approval Receipt Notices and EAD/AP combo card on 10/31/2019. I have received my I765/I131 Approval Receipt Notices, however my EAD/AP combo card was not delivered. 

I have tried my best to find where the card went by visiting the local USPS with the tracking number, since the tracking says it has been delivered, but I never got it on my mailbox at my apartment. But USPS can't help much.

So I submitted a Case Inquiry -- "Did not receive card by mail" on 11/05/2019 and asked for another card to be sent me; to which USCIS site gave me a Service Request # and expect a reply by date of 11/28/2019. 

However, there is no response from USCIS until this day 12/27/2019.

There is no option in USCIS Customer Service Telephone 800-375-5283 to talk to anyone about the Service Request. 

Due to my anxiety, I went ahead and submitted another Service Request of the same type on 12/15/2019 to which USCIS site gave a expect a reply by date of 01/06/2020.

I am not sure whether USCIS will in-fact send me another card OR should I have to do anything else?  

Please advise what shall I do at this stage to get my EAD/AP card? 

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