H1B E Approval Letter But No other Document


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Hello Everyone,
I am in a desparate situation. I did my Masters from US.
In 2018 November I had to leave US and (the organization where I was working) because of a family 
reason.My h1b was picked and was approved and I have the e copy of the approval letter but I got to know
after I submitted my resignation.So, my employer revoked the h1b or rather a revoke notice has been initiated.My approval was from 11/11/2018 
and my last day in the organization was 11/16/2018.
I have no other details nor I have a stamping (which is obvious).Now I am planning to return to US.
So, I have 2 questions:
1. Can I reclaim the h1b in anyway that was approved in 2018 i.e file through another employer without cap restriction,but I have no details (and the employer wont share any details)?
2. Can I reapply for h1b again from India and also be eligible for 20,000 extra cap for Masters student.So, being a Masters student does it  make me 
   eligible to be considered for extra 20,000 forever (Please remember I already had an approved H1b and opted for the extra 20,000)

Any help will be really appretiated.Thank you all. I am open for any professional help too.

Alekhya Rao

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