Approved I-140 in EB1C and EB3, AOS pending, Interview complete, PD 19-Jan-13?

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Thanks for your patience in reading through my lengthy query.
I have an I-140 approved in Feb 2016 with a PD of 19-Jan-2013 in EB-3 category. My employer submitted an I-140 in EB-1C category and I filled I-485 in March 2018. My EB-1C PD was 08-March-2018.
I had my AOS interview on 19-Mar-2019 and after my interview, the case was held under review as the underlying I-140 was in pending status.
On 4th December 2019, my EB1C I-140 was approved and the EB1C 140 approval notice has the priority date as 19-Jan 2013 (ported from EB3). I had a RFE on my I-140 on September 10, 2019 and was responded on November 22nd 2019.
My country of chargeability is India and according to visa bulletin immigrant visa is available for 19-Jan-2013. The Eb1C 140 has a PD of 19-Jan-2013 now.
What should be my next step? My AOS is transferred to Texas Service Center on 10-Apr-19.
Can I expect my AOS to get approved very soon? Should I submit a service request with USCIS enquiring about my AOS status?

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