Can nursing home health agency sponsor H1b or GC for BSN graduate? Need advice - URGENT


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Hi everyone, I am graduating this month, May 2011, and still having a difficult time getting a job. I am an international student from Indonesia and doing my BSN degree in the United States. I have an instructor who owns a home health agency and willing to help me if needed. She told me earlier that she might give me a part time job after graduation. Here are several questions that i have:

1. With my OPT, can I work at the home health agency?

2. Is it possible for my instructor to sponsor H1b or GC for me (with negotiation in price coverage)?

Thank you very much.

Advice is really appreciated

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OPT can generally be approved if the work is related to one's degree. Sponsorship for an H1B for a nurse can be difficult because USCIS takes the position that typically nurses are not jobs requiring a BS degree. In some circumstances it may be possible to obtain an H1B for nurse employment.

One should consult with an experienced immigration lawyer to explore avenues and obtain specific legal advice.

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