B2 visa interview process for senior citizen parents

JJay Mehta

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I am based out of Mumbai and am scheduling a B2 visa interview appointment for my parents from Mumbai Consulate. My father's age is 81 yrs and mother's age is 75 yrs.

I had added my mother's name as family member in the same appointment as of my father's, as I wanted both of them to appear together for the visa interview.

However, as my father is 80+ the visa scheduling questionnaire prompted his case to be visa interview exempted and needs to go via dropbox. The questionnaire has requested to remove the family member if they are not eligible for visa interview exemption.

Would like to know the following:

1) Should my father be physically present for dropdox, or can I go on his behalf?

2) Would the visa interview also get conducted during the dropbox process?

3) What all documents need to be carried for dropbox, in addition to passport and appointment confirmation print out. 

4) As my mother will now have to attend the visa interview alone. Should I first wait for the outcome of my father's case and then schedule her interview?

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