H1B Premium processing -good or bad idea?


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I came for a vacation but ended up staying here and extending my visa, I have filed my pettition now, i am wondering should i go for premium processing or no? I have my all the stuff there in US so I really want to get back ASAP.

I have more than 14 yrs of experience, I have all the documents, SOW, MSA, Client letter and  i have been working with the same client, offshore and onshore for almost 13 yrs now.

I am seeing a trend for premium processing, goes into RFE and ends up being rejected. so please share your experience or opininons 


Thanks !!


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Your field of study and job field matches. Thats first you need to think.?

What User099 said is true. Take example my highest degree is masters in computer science which matches my job field 100%.

My employer applied  for H1B extension and amendment in Jan 2019 when there was no premium processing. I was expecting long time but exactly 28 days in Feb 2019 I got approval.

My employer kept all documents and I was fortunate to get client letter. I even attended visa stamping interview along with my wife H4 and US kid of 3 years at Nogales and all went smoothly.

If everything is good in your profile you will get H1B approval and also stamping wll be smooth. If you have speciality ocucpation, employer-employee relation and so other issues even if you have 14 to 20 years experience and do not matter which position you are in you will get RFE...

Now a days they are following rule of law


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