First F1 to H1B stamping Mumbai Consulate Nov 2019


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BE Instrumentation INDIA
MS Electrical USA
P.hd Robotics USA
Fulltime Employee.

First F1 to H1B stamping at Mumbai consulate and received Blue Slip as below. 11/21/2019
Any one has format/sample letter please forward to me at

Scan and submit the following document as pdf/word format:
Invitation : An invitation letter from the sponsoring organization in the US.
For graduate students, workers, and exchange visitors, this letter should include your supervisor or advisor and details about your work.
Scan and submit the following document as word format:
Resume :A detailed resume/CV, including your profession academic background.
Publication : A list of all your publication in the format[Title,Date of publication].
Research : A detailed abstract of 1) any research you intend to conduct in the US: and 2) all past and/or current research in all countries.
Position : Your current/past job title and a detailed description of your work.
Funding : Name of the person or organization who is funding your trip and your research.
Travel : Dates and locations of all international travel for the last ten years, except for US travel.
Contact Information : Email address or phone number that you prefer we use in order to get in touch with you regarding the status of your case.

If any header is not applicable to you please mention as "NOT APPLICABLE" under their respective headers

If any one has sample cover letter for 221g, invitation letter, publication,research please share

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