is PERM individual specific or generic.

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If my company is filing green card for me - i know first step is PERM . Do they specifically create PERM application for me or will they try to reuse some other approved PERM application  from their pool ?

Basically i wanted to understand how PERM works in bigger organisation which has more people in same roles applying for GC. Wanted to know whether PERMS are like pooled work permits which can be given to any one  who matches  that role/job description  .


I am a newbie to Greencard processing, trying to understand how system works. Advanced thanks for replies.


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On 11/22/2019 at 10:21 AM, pontevecchio said:


    It used to be possible to use approved labor for another person. It is no longer possible. It is an application filed for you and no concept of pooling exists. 

Thanks for the reply.


Any rough thoughts on how long it takes to file a PERM ?

When PERM is in progress can i-94 status change ? I mean is it okie to travel out/in ?

Is there anything which needs to be taken care while perm is in progress ?


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The PERM application process generally can take upto 6-8 months. Since the process includes a recruitment process where the company advertises the job and has to interview/screen candidates that apply and can only proceed if no candidate (american) is found suitable— it is variable. ( meaning if a suitable candidate applies for a particular ad then the company may have to start the process again and advertise a second time for a new position— thus prolonging the process).

once the recruitment process is completed and the PERM form is completed and submitted online— it will take additional several months to be certified. Check the icert website for current PERM processsing times( regular and audit). The processing time is much longer if your PERM is picked for an audit ( can be random or due to certain “triggers” —like perm for an entry level position—in the application).

since the PERM (gc process) is for a future job and independent of the current job/ status— travel or present status does not matter. 


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