birth certificate with "no name" - GREEN card processing

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My company HR asked my birth certificate (for green card processing), i found that my (INDIAN) birth certificate does not have name in it but it has mother name, father name etc ...

1. Is birth certificate needed for PERM processing step ?

2. Or is it needed only during next steps in greencard ?


Does US immigration accept legalized birth certificate with "no name" in it for processing ?

What are the options available in front of me  - if they dont accept ?. 

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It is required when you file I-485, which is third and final step. A lot of Indian birth certificates do not have child's and sometimes one of parents names too. Although it is not completely unacceptable, you will have to supplement such incomplete document with many other documents (Affidavit, DNA...etc.). I had that issue too in the past.

What did I do? I applied for a complete document from government of India via local district/city council. A complete document will have all three names and other birth details along with citizenship, a stamp from government and a registration number to track it. In some places, it is not a straight forward document, but they know what exactly you want and may have to push them to expedite it. I think I paid about Rs.60 for each copy of it.

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