I-130 and visitor visa

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Once we start I 130 process, is there any restriction in applying for visitor visa later. For example, next week, I apply for I 130 for our parents. Then after a month or 3 months , can we bring them in visitor visa? After they come back to USA in visitor visa  can we apply for 485 immediately even if I-130 is in progress and not completed? 

please advise.. 

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Once the I-130 is on file a tourist visa is not going to be granted. If they already have a visa, there is a potential risk of being denied entry howsoever small. If they apply for AOS as soon as they arrive, that would be a fraud and not something you need to do. Given all paperwork is complete. one year or less from the time of filing I-130 and the consular Interview. Patience is golden, especially in this case.

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