Non-Competition and Non-solicitation agreement


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Hi friends - please suggest me on below and help me on how can i proceed ( possible options)

Im working for client A - thru Vendor B and my employer C . Client <--Vendor<---my employer. i have been working for same client from past 3 years and now client is asking me to join the full time, but this is for other position/another team for same client.  noticed that i have signed "Non-Competition and Non-solicitation agreement" with my employer.  can i join full time employment with client? would employer creates any problems? i haven't discussed about the agreement with client yet - should i discuss with them? (or) should i mention the situation to employer and try negotiating? im confused ,but really dont want to miss the full time opportunity with client - please suggest.

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My personal opinion, talk to your employer and sort out the issues. If you have good terms everything will be resolved and you are good to go. If not, then talk to an attorney and inform the Client as it might delay your joining date. 

All employers will react the same when you say you are leaving them and will try to show you the agreement, don't panic its not the end of the world.

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Thank you for your above inputs- just want to share few more updates as of today. --- 

1. spoke with client about the non-comp . client said they can talk to vendor,but not to employer. their terms with vendor are pretty clear. 

2. spoke with vendor and asked to be mediator b/w me and employer. vendor said they cant enter in to this matter.

3. called couple of attorneys and setting up time. given initial details about the issue.-- waiting for a meeting with them.


to your comments (above) -- "Ask your client to buy you from your employer. I did the same way today. It worked." ---- 

Yes, im going to do this finally if nothing works after talking to attorney . me directly talking to employer might create other issues. - 


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