Need Advise on H1B (Out of Cap) documentation


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I did my B.Tech in ECE with 15+ years of IT experience and working for a reputed Indian IT services company.

I was there in US until July 2018 (5+ years) and had to return to India due to normal H1B denial with specialty occupation .

My company filed my GC under EB2 and I got my I-140 approval in October 2018.

My company processed the H1B (Out of Cap) for one of the client in premium but initially received the RFE with the same specialty occupation and then denial in October 2019.

Now, my company is started the process for applying the H1B (Out of Cap) visa again for some other client and other location.

I wanted to take the Experts suggestion this time as this is my third attempt. Please suggest on the below queries.

1) what and all the precautions I need to take while submitting the documentation this time to avoid the RFE ?

2) Is there any specific format for filling up the JD and other documents especially for B.Tech (ECE) degree holders? Please elaborate with details.

3) Any other suggestions please ?

It will be helpful for us if, someone provide their valuable inputs on these queries. Thanks in advance.





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B.Tech in ECE and working in IT job will always lead to speciality occupation issues. This evident in your case 2 times. Actually in such cases H1B must never be approved but law was never followed. In current scenarios your profile is hard to get H1B.

A good immigration lawyer must help you out. If it is  agood repuated Indian IT services company then you will always have nice legal/immigration advise. They will help you.

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