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I'm an H1B visa holder. For now I have 8 delayed biweekly payments from employer. I'm still working in the office. Have a lot of evidences as emails, photos. As I can see the situation is not going to normalize and I need to go to another place to work. Please help with the next questions:

1) I need to submit the WH-4 complain to use the confirmation letter instead of paystubs during the visa transfer, is it correct? How dangerous it is for the transfer process? I mean how big the chance that it can bring some problems?

2) As the current year closing to the end and if my current employer will not pay for the last months how should I handle the problem with the future Green Card processing? As I know I will need to submit the Tax details and it will show problem places.


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File a WH4. That's the only way you can transfer your H1 without pay stubs.
The employer is not allowed to retaliate. It would cause lots more problems for him.
There are no downsides to filing a WH4.
For taxes you get a W2 from the employer. If he doesn't provide that by the end of February inform IRS (they have a link on their website.) IRS will then contact the employer. Not providing W2s would also cause a ton of problems for the employer.




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