Any one been to GUADALAJARA, MEXICO for H1 Stamping

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On 11/12/2019 at 11:32 PM, premkalyan521 said:

Any one been to  GUADALAJARA, MEXICO for H1 Stamping

I have heard from many folks that in Guadalajara, This is what happened to them.

VO say's you got approved.

For very few folks, they end up with straight approval & no more additional info request.

For majority folks, VO says they got approved too, but after they finish their visa interview & waiting in hotel. they will get an email asking for last 15 years address, work locations, etc., saying this is part of their regular check.(DS5335 - 221g)

Which varies from 7 to 40 days to clear.

I know one guy who is still waiting from past 40 days.

so there are chances of that specific DS5335 - 221g over there, better to avoid, that is one reason why you can see alot of dates available there compared with any locations.

These are the locations in order choose to attend visa interview based on good feedback + passport return timeline.

Do I need any Visa for travel to Mexico ?
what are the passport return timeline after attending Visa interview in Mexico ?
B = Border location:No need of any Visa; You can apply for FMM card online at below link and Travel
I = Interior location; You Need some sort of below countries visa to fly to Mexico(Valid US/Canadian/Japan/Schengen/European/ Mexico) or Australian passport holders)
Nogales(B) and Nuevo Laredo(B) same day after visa interview
Hermosillo(I) & Tijuana(B) Next day after Visa interview
Matamoros(B) 2nd day after Visa interview 
Monterrey(I) varies from 2-3 days after Visa interview
Cuidad Juarez(B) varies from 1-2 days after Visa interview
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