H1b amendmends within same company


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Hi all:

I am currently working on H1b visa as fulltime employee since oct 2018. 

I currently work in Atlanta for a company. In the coming months, I am going to travel to NYC almost every week for to a different office of the same company (fly to NYC on sunday and fly back to Atlanta on Friday). My residential address will stay in Atlanta. Then after 5-6 months, I am going to relocate to NYC so my residential address will change to NYC. 3-4 months after that, I am going yo get a promotion so my title and pay will change/increase. 

In the above case, do I have to file amendments separately each of these times, when I -
1. Start to travel for work to NYC for same company, when my residential address is still Atlanta
2. Change residential address to Atlanta
3. Get promotion and pay raise?

Please note that the above 3 events are going to happen at different times. All of them are going to happen with the SAME employer. 

Also, how risky are these amendmends? Is there a chance of amendmend petition rejection?
And does the risk increase because these are too many H1 amendmends back to back?

i know that these are too many questions back to back. I request all you gurus to help me. Thank you. 

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