Changed job before h1b approval and got a RFE

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Hi, I have had 7 h1b visa transfers without getting an RFE. My i-140 was approved in 2015. I work in Finance/Accounting.  I started working for new employer few weeks ago while my h1b was pending, so I finally got my 1st RFE on h1b transfer. Hopefully my h1b gets approved , but wanted to know what my options are in case my h1b visa petition gets denied. It was not happy at my last job and wanted to change employer so I did. If my h1b petition gets denied then:

a) Does my 60 day period when I am considered in status starts right after my h1b petition is denied?

b) Can a new employer file a h1b petition after my current h1b petition is denied? If so, then do I give my paystubs to USCIS from current employer (for whom my h1b petition is denied in future) or I give my paystubs from previous employer (those paystubs are for July 2019)

c) Can a new employer file my h1b petition while I have an RFE on current h1b? If so then would they use my current h1b petition in RFE as a basis for new h1b petition? Would they use my paystubs from current employer or previous employer?

d) Do I have to leave USA in case my h1b is denied for which I received RFE? If not then could I use my 60 day period when I am considered in status to file a new h1b or apply for a change of status in case I want to study at a community college for 2 semesters? I did that after I lost my 1st job I enrolled in community college and took classes for 2 semesters where I learned SQL, access, etc which I have used in my finance job for 6 years. There should be nothing wrong in taking a break after working for 10 years and studying for a semester or 2 at a community college learning analytics/machine learning, etc. Could my f1 visa get approved? Wuld I have to go to India for stamping my f1 visa?

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