Stamping experience after battery and assault charges

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Hi All,

I know what all go through who has some criminal charges regarding stamping and other experience.

Good News: please do not be afraid going through all the immigration process, I had a very pleasant experience.

My Case: I tried to help an Indian woman traveling from India and it turned out that she was a con person and accused me of battery and assault but lets not go in details of that, incident happened in Aug 2017 and the court proceeding happened in Jul 2018 and case was discharged within 20 minutes and I applied for the expungement and got the stamped result papers from the court as well (make sure you have multiple copies for your use later on)

Stamping dates: I went for Stamping in Sept 2019, finger prints were on 4th Sept and interview on 10th Sept in Delhi consulate

Interview: She asked me 2-3 normal questions like why I am going, what is my salary etc and asked to give her my Visa papers, and then she found out that there is an arrest record and she asked me if I was arrested, I replied: there was a false complaint against my name which I chose to defend, she interrupted and asked again: were you arrested?, I replied that I am not sure if technically its an arrest, I went to Sheriff office and collected the complaint/charge papers, she asked about it and I said there was a summon on my name, she went and came back with some other person and started discussing with her and was typing on her system, I said that charge was dismissed and started showing the court dismissal paper I had, she asked for it and started reading it, I asked her to turn it over so that she can see that it was dismissed and court stamp was on it, then I started explaining myself even without her asking anything about it but even before I could have finished a sentenced, she raised her hand asking me to stop, she kept on typing on her machine and in the end asked if she can keep that court dismissal paper and I replied yes and then she punched it with my passport and I thought that she will give me 221G now.

Then she said you can go now, and I made a surprised face so she came to know what I am looking for and replied that your Visa is approved and you are good to go.

I didn't check my status online and booked my ticket, don't rush like me, wait for your Visa to be issued online, it went to Admin processing (don't worry for this status as it is a norm now so somehow I kept calm)

Case created date: 9 Sept

Visa Issues: 26 Sept

So it took 17 days in total and I got my Passport back on 28th Sept with the court paper as well which I submitted at the time of interview.

So stay calm and relax and go visit your family in India without worrying much about it.

For any questions, you can reply back here and I hope I will get a notification and will reply back here.

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