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Hi all, 

Priority date: 28 Feb 2005
Date of petition approved: 15 May 2017
Received welcome letter- 5 May 2019 
Ceac.state.gov/DS-260 - All required applicant documents have been received and approved. 
My father is the beneficiary and I am the derivative beneficiary. We have submitted DS260 and documents and it is in approved status. My father is in India and I am in US on F1 visa. We are in the final stage waiting for the interview. 
My question is- 
  1. Should I apply for Adjustment of status or go to India and attend the interview with the family
  2. When will I be able to apply for adjustment of status? 
  3. Is there any way to expedite the process? My F1 visa expires June 2019 and I want to explore all the possible options to get the GC soon
  4. How long will be the processing time? 
Need guidance. Thank you in advance. 
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If the principal beneficiary does Consular Processing and the derivative beneficiary does AOS, the derivative beneficiary cannot file I-485 until after the principal beneficiary enters the US with their immigrant visa. If your status does not last until your father enters the US, you have no choice but to leave and do Consular Processing abroad.

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