Is it possible to a new immigrant coming from india on a gc to find a new job? I am from India. Considering EB5

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Hello all,

I am considering for EB5. of what is given in this forum and all other forums out there, it is a easy process of obtaining a gc through an eb5 (regional center option). And I don't really know how business go on in the us. I mean I could invest in some subway franchise etc or retail or fast foods chain etc as mentioned by others in the forum.

My question is whether it is easy to find anew job any job would do, I am proficient at computer coding but I am okay with any kind of job to start the new life. As I come from India, I am happy with any kind of job. I don't expect too much in salaries. As I am going away from my country, I am not expecting any sudden fortune.

My friends say that it is possible to fetch a new coder job easily, if we try out few job consultancies.

If anyone out there read this and understood what I am asking for, Please dont hesitate to share your knowledge.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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