H1B Visa Renewal-221g White Form @Hyderabad Consulate


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Hello Guys,

People received White Slip at Hyderabad Consulate can share their exp here.

My Story:

I gave my interview on 19th of July 2011 for Visa renewal at Hyderabad consulate.I am working for Direct client in US. VO asked some question about my parent company and client company I work for (like # of Employees).Then he asked me show the client letter and W7 form which I did.

After checking all the documents, he handed me white slip 221g and asked me to look for an email from the US consulate.I received email on 20th July asking me send a Questionare and my CV which I sent on the same day.

I am still waiting to hear back from US consulate .I tried called DOS and VFS but not much help. They just say that my case is still undergoing administrative processing and timeline varies case to case basis.

I gave first visa stamping interview in Chennai consulate and was given ping slip 221g and again during the visa renewal I am given white slip at Hyderabad consulate.I am sure that I am going through this because of my common muslim name.

Still waiting to hear back from the consulate :(

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I received white form as well in Hyderabad. Last time i had given visa interview in Mumbai and went through without any issues.

I attended on Aug 19, 2011 and got a questionnaire on Aug 20,2011. I responded on Aug 23. Still waiting for a response from consulate. All they say is that it is under admin processing.

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I am in the same boat as well. My interview was on May 5th and was given 221g white form. I have a common Muslim last name. I am a direct employee. My employer's attorney contacted the local Senator and they called USCIS but nothing good happened. there is no update till now, last time when I called DOS they told me that an officer is assigned to your case and they don't know how long it might take.

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