H1B approved with I797B. Transfer denied. How long is my I797B valid?

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I am Shankar and I am in a tricky situation.

I was working for Employer A on OPT in 2018. But my H1B was filed by employer B in March 2018. My H1B got approved in January 2019 and got I797B. So I decided to attend the visa interview in March 2019 and came back to India. But after coming back to India, employer B denied to give me any documents that are necessary for the visa interview. Told me that he has been getting a lot of queries and hence he did not want to continue with my visa process. Therefore I tried to transfer the H1B to my employer A. But my transfer got rejected due to employer employee relationship (I was working on a contract position - there is a vendor). Now I am looking for a fulltime job. I lost my job with employer A now since my project is completed. It has been 7 months since I came to India. I am kind of stuck here.

Here are my questions:

1. Is my I797B still active and valid? If yes, how long is it valid? (My H1B I797B says it is approved till July 2021)

2. Can I use still use it for visa transfer and attend the visa interview, if I get a fulltime job in USA? (I am searching for a job in USA from India)

3. Do you know if USA employers do transfers on I797B when I am still in India?

4. If somehow I get a fulltime job in USA and get my H1B transfer done, do you think that this delay in attending the visa interview(possibly 11 months) since the time of visa approval going to affect my chances of getting my visa stamping approved?

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1. You I797 is valid only for Employer B, you cant use it for any other employer. If B revokes it then its invalid.

2. You can do a visa transfer and if approved you will get a new I797 which you can use for visa interview.

3. Yes, Employers in US can do that while you are in India

4. It depends on your employer and your documents that you carry for the interview. But your period of stay outside US might not impact the visa approval.

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I dont know if Employer B has revoked it or not. I never got a chance to work for Employer B. I am no longer in contact with Employer B.

I have checked the case status on USCIS website and it still says "Case was approved". I am not sure this is the way to check if my I797B has been revoked.

Is there anyway I can check whether he has revoked it or not for sure?

Just want to say that it is I797B but not I797. 

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