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if a Indian boy with green card approved 3 year back, marries a Indian girl staying in India. How much time it will take for her to come to US. I have read articles it says 2 years, other option is to let her come on a student visa, some say tourist; but then it will be difficult to get a gc and so on..  USCIS website does not provide turnaround time

Could someone with experience put some light...

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The waiting time depends on where the PD is. Check the monthly Visa Bulletin for Family Category 2A, Spouse of a Permanent Resident. It looks pretty good right now.

It is hard to get a student visa or tourist visa for the spouse of a PR because these visas don't allow immigration intent. Also, applying at a university takes several months.

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You are not providing all the details such as what is her citizenship/country of birth, if she want to work, if wedding happened already or not..etc. At this point there are four ways for you. There may be more, which I am not aware of at this point. 

  1. She can come to US on H1b or other work visas provided she gets job that sponsors it. This will be the quickest and temporary (Up to six years if it is H1b visa) way to come in.
  2. The other way is to come in on K-1 fiancee visa but I think there are conditions to qualify for that, that she needs to be fiancee and you need to marry in next 90 days and I think you need to be US citizen for that. If you are becoming US citizen soon, you may consider this. This will be also relatively quick way depending on when you are getting your citizenship.
  3. She can come in on B1/B2 visitor visa fairly quickly. However there may be some issue to getting it approved as she will be questioned on her intent to be immigrant as her spouse is already here. It may not act in negative way but you never know this.
  4. For permanent way as they suggested, apply for her Family based Green Card in F2A category, which will typically take 1-2 years depending on how dates move.

Good luck

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The PD for F2A is current. The procedure is to file an I-130 for Consular Processing using a lawyer to minimize delays and the person should be able to get a GC within a year.


Also look at

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