F2 to F1 visa stamping


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Hi All,

I came to the USA  on Jan 2018. Before that, I applied for F1 visa Two times between Oct to Dec in 2017 but its denial. Then I applied for F2 visa in Oct 2018 and I got acceptance. After coming into the USA in January 2018 after 7 months I got admission at California State University in August 2018 and I applied for COS and in January 2019 I got my COS. Currently, I am in the third semester and after stamping one semester will be left. My question is it is better to go to India for F1 stamping in Dec 2019? 

Which type of Documents should I need together? 

What is the chance that I got acceptance during F1 stamping?

If I got reject can I come back on my F2 visa and Can I continue my study?


Please advise. I am very confused to go to India.

Thank You in Advanced. Any kind of help will be appreciated. !

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