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  I had my H1 B extension denied in the month of August 2019. I had come back to India and my company has initiated H1 B Cap exempt petition. I actually need help in preparing petition documents as I had received RFE in my previous petition for speciality occupation which got denied. I needed help to prepare the petition so that it goes through without any issues.

i would like to seek the help of an attorney in filing my case, however my employer doesn’t allow me to partner with an attorney individually. Has anyone got the help of attorney in document preparation although the final petition is submitted by his employer. Please advice.


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The only advice is to work with your employer and their hired attorneys for the petition. In general no employer would want you to work with your choice of attorneys as they have their own. Your best bet is to work with them. You stay out of the process. This is your employers petition and not yours. It is only filed on your behalf.

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Hi xTDx,

    Thanks for your response. I was worried as my employer is not asking any new documents but the same set of documents.

    That's why I thought of partnering with a attorney atleast for the documentation purpose. This was just to make sure the documents that I submit are as per the needs of USCICS.

Thanks and Regards



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