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I Joined Comp A from Comp B and got the H1B validity till 04/2021 . Subsequently there were around 3 amendments filed for Client locations and USCIS reduced the Petition and I94 validity to 01/2020 . My company is asking me to file an extension as the recent petition is valid till 01/2020 . I am not sure but I have a question , Do I need to file for extension ? Can I not work with my 1st or 2nd petition ( SFO or Dallas Location ) valid till 04/2021 without going for an extension ? or Is there any options available to work till 04/2021 ?

Sequence of H1B amendments in order from Oldest to most recent  - 

1) H1B Transfer (From Company B to Company A) - Petition validity 04/10/2021 , I94- 04/20/2021 - Location San Francisco
2) H1B Amendment ( Internal Transfer to Dallas) - Petition validity 04/10/2021 , I94 -04/20/2021 - Location Dallas , San Francisco ( Home address )
3) H1B Amendment - Client Location Memphis and Dallas office location - Petition validity 01/24/2020 , I94 -02/03/2020
4) H1B Amendment - Client Location Boston and Dallas office location - Petition validity 01/24/2020 , I94- 02/03/2020
5) H1B Amendment (most recent ) - Client Location Minneapolis and Dallas office location - Petition validity 01/24/2020 , I94- 02/03/2020




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