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Hi, i was working for employer A..my H1B extension was denied on 3rd Sep (I-94 was valid until 15th sep)..since its got denied, 'A' has initiated a bridge pitition in regular with employer 'B' on 6th Sep to maintain the status(i have the receipt number). am still working with the same client(which used to work thru 'A') since B's LCA was raised on same client/address.

below are my questions :

1)am i allowed to work with same client thru 'B' ??

2)got  new opportunity(as consultent) with different client..'A' is trying to initiate new H1(not sure whether its called extension or transfer)..what are the chances for me to be back with A ?? (since I140 is with A only)...if it gets approved is this going to be counceller processing ??

3)got different full time opportunity with another client.if at all they want to initiate the transfer(on receipt of 'B') can they do that ??if Yes and gets approved, is this counceller processing ??

4)if 'A' initiates transfer(on 'B' receipt) and fulltime client initiates transfer (on same 'B' receipt) and if both of them gets approved, is it my choice to choose with whome i have to go or am i forced to go to any one of them

Appreciate your response.

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