Returning to USA after 3yrs having Green Card

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My Parents has Green card but after staying for 3months in USA they went back to home country (India) as my mom was not feeling well n underwent treatment in India. Its been 3.5yrs they are there in India n now want to come back to USA.

My questions :

  1. What will happen if they try to enter in USA after 3.5yrs ? We dint apply for Re-Entry permit that time.
  2. Will they allow to board the flight at Home country (Indian) airport and at any layover airport??
  3. Will they give entry at US border ? (We dont hv Re-entry permit or anything but we have documents to show that my mom was sick and was under treatment in USA as well as in India )

Could anyone suggest/ give inputs on this if someone has gone thru this kind of situation?


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