VISA stamping with existing A employer while VISA transfer is in process for B employer?


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Hi, Can I go for the H1B Visa stamping with current employer A while I have accepted offer with emloyer B and VISA tarnsfer is in progress.
Currently I am working full time with Employer A and has the I797 petition approved till Oct 2021. With existing emploer I have booked date for VISA stmaping and interview at Mumbai consulate 6  month back for Oct 2019. 
But meanwhile I got offer from employer B and VISA is in progress with employer B.

I wanted to go to India on vacation and get stamping done. I am notelligible for Drop box and needs to go for visa interview.

Kindly suggest Is there any issue with stamping?  Is consuler ask me about VISA transfer with employer B ?
Pls suggest.

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You are working for Company A, you are going to get stamping for Company A. No issues. 

Company B offer and joining them is a future thing, may happen or may not happen. You can mention it to them in the interview if they ask.

One thing you might have to consider is if you get Company B's approval after coming back, what I94 number will be on the new approval notice as they might have filed it with your current I94 which will become invalid once you leave the country. 

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