Re-entry into USA with passport which is going to expire in less than 6 months


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My Passport is expiring in May 2020. I am planning to go to India and return back to US in Dec 2019. While in India, I am planning to re-stamp my H1B visa (I-797 valid till Dec 2020). Will I face any problem at port-of-entry in US?

  • I heard the Passport should be valid till length of stay (Dec 2020), if not, I will not be allowed entry into US
  • Contradictory to the point above, I've also heard as long as Passport is valid, I will have no problem getting in (even if a Passport expires in a month)

Which one of the above is true? Has anyone encountered situation like this? Thanks in advance for your inputs.




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Assuming it's an Indian passport, since India is in the 6-month club, the passport needs to be valid until the end of your stay. What this actually means is that you can enter on your Indian passport all the way until it expires, and the immigration officer at entry will put an admit-until date on your I-94 that is no later than your passport expiration date.

Since India is in the 6-month club, it is possible to get a visa on the passport all the way up until the passport expires. However, the consulate might not do it if there is too short a time until passport expiration for you to travel. In this case, it should be fine.

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