Successful H1B VISA stamp - Ottawa CA

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I would like to share my interview experience, hope it will help others.

My interview date: 09/19/2019

Arrived at consulate 15 minutes prior and check in was fairly simple and quick.

Counter 1 : DS-160, recent photograph and I-797 Original all documents were arranged in a folder and gave me a rights booklet to read. 

Counter 4: Finger prints.

NOTE: Please read rights booklet before interview.  

Interview  :

  1. Did you change your employer?
  2. How long have you been working on H1B?
  3. What does current employer do?
  4. What is your title?
  5. Your salary?
  6. What is your highest education?
  7. Are you married?
  8. Do you have kids?
  9. Brief me about your rights? 

VISA approved and handed over white slip about the passport tracking procedure.


09/20/2019 : received an email from Consulate and few hours later received an email from Canada post with delivery detail

Good luck to everyone.



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Congrats! just took 1 day for you to get your passport, I thought it takes 3-4 days if approved.

Is this is your first H1b stamping? Are you directly employed or EVC model?

Did they ask for any documents like end client letter, I797 or I129 during the interview

Is original I-129 required or if one has I-797 original and I-129 copy is it okay?

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